About Us

Dakota Brace was started by Johns Hopkins and Yale biomedical engineers, in collaboration with certified orthotic clinicians and 3D printing experts. The goal was to find a better solution for people struggling with various types of torso deformities. After researching, we found that there were no truly custom solutions available. The products were uncomfortable, and ultimately young people didn't want to wear them. So our team set out to find a better solution. 



After years of collaboration with the best certified orthotists in the country, we've delivered thousands of braces around the world with great clinical results and even better patient satisfaction. Now, we've made our braces available for an at-home solution. Dakota Brace brings the product to those in need who don't have local clinicians that can offer what's best-in-class.



Our custom made braces are manufactured from scratch at our shop in Fargo, North Dakota. Using 3D scans of the patient's body and 3D printing, we are able to achieve the most comfortable and effective fit. Our work is backed by our Good Person Guarantee, and by the best customer success team in the industry. We're proud to be making a difference that lasts a lifetime, and we are here to support you every step of the way.


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