Custom Is Simply Better

At Dakota Brace we believe that the right fit is crucial to achieve the best possible results. That's why all of our braces are custom designed to be as unique as the young people we build them for.

We've worked closely with the industry's leading practitioners to create a product that has successfully helped thousands of teens. Every brace is designed by a certified clinician, ensuring the highest quality fit for patients. There's no better time to invest in a lifetime of health & confidence than today!

How it Works

Working with our clinicians, you'll be guided via telehealth through an at-home 3D scan to create a full 3D model of the body. The brace will then be designed, manufactured and shipped to your home!

Note: You'll need access to an iPhone with working FaceID to do your scan.

Note: Dakota Brace only serves children aged 16 years or younger.

Fit for You

After you submit our pre-consultation form, we'll ship your Scan Kit to your home. You'll then have a virtual visit with a certified practitioner to create a 3D modeled brace with a design that's truly one of a kind.

Made with Love

After your visit, our fabrication team works on the digital design, 3D printing, and final assembly of your Dakota Brace, while working with the clinician every step of the way. We ship our orders in 5 business days.

Full Support

With brace in hand, you'll have a virtual visit to ensure the fit is correct and to go over your treatment plan. In order to reach your goals, regular check-ins will be scheduled to track your progress. All for one flat price.

The Best of 3D

We're not just using 3D scanning and printing because it's cool - although it is! We do it because it gives clinicians an unprecedented level of detail & control to design a fit that best matches the patient dimensions.

By manufacturing with the best technology available, we strive to provide a great experience for patients, making it easier for users to follow the treatment plan, and get the results they want.

Our North Star: You

At Dakota Brace, our North Star is the patient experience, plain and simple. It's why we design our products for simplicity, comfort, and clinical effectiveness every step of the way.

Our Good Person Guarantee states that for anyone who acts in good faith, we guarantee your satisfaction or provide a full refund. Text, email or chat about basically anything! We're excited to hear from you.